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Members benifit from unlimited access to the Gym and our custom watson gym equipment. Whilst our facilities cater for all levels of gym goer, from novice to competitive athlete, the gym has specifically been designed with a progressive layout. Front of house is home to our cardio and resistance machines, Progress down the hall to the second phase, and this is home to our free weights & custom dumbbells. Finally the last room (the Lions Den) houses our power racks, deadlift platform and strongman equipment! This layout means that if you dont like free weights, you dont even have to see them, but if you want to push yourself, the kit is all there. train at your level, around those people training the same way! Overveiw 24 hour gym access 24 hour strength suite access Free training and nutrition consultation 5% Café discount Discounted class credits

all prices are including Sales tax

Start date
Prorato 16-05-2021 till 31-05-2021
£ 15.48
Amount to be paid now
From 01-06-2021 monthly
£ 30.00

1 Months Duration

Auto renewal takes place 1 Months before contracts runs out


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